Mumbai Based AMP Organization Making Efforts To Brighten The Students' Futures

Posted on : 27-08-2017

Skill development lecture in a school

Students are the future of the country. If they are trained well they can contribute hugely to developing the country. Association Of Muslim Professionals (AMP) training students at various schools for a better tomorrow.

AMP a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that works largely for Muslim youth has been conducting lectures in various schools for years to make students ready for bright future. The program is called Skill Development Lectures (SDL) which includes career planning, personality development and value education.

Apart from these three SDL programs the organization also runs three huge campaigns on January 26- Republic Day, August 15- Independence Day and November 11- Education Day across India. They have three different topics to run these campaigns such as Dastoor-E- Hind- Hamare Haqooq Aur Zimmedari, Ham Banenge Hind Ki Nai Pehchan and Kamiyabi Ka Wahid Raasta Taleem on Republic Day, Independence Day and Education Day respectively.

More than 100 volunteers who are experts in their respective fields are part of the program. They conduct lectures in various schools. The volunteers are from many parts of India. So far the organization managed to cover more than 500 schools.

Sakina Abdeali Basta, one of the volunteers, who is a teacher by profession and has been running a coaching class for more than 20 years. She joined the project because she wants to give back to the society what she has gained so far. She said that in this challenging world students need to be very focused from very beginning to do something better. “We are training students in such a way that students get to know everything about various career opportunities. This way students can make their career choices at the early age and start preparing for the decided career from the early age,” said Sakina.

The volunteers believe that students are having good Intelligence quotient level. They just need proper guidance. Muzammil Amin Banatwalla, the Senior Project Coordinator for SDL, told that the lectures are mostly conducted in schools where students don’t have the opportunity to have such lectures. “What I have noticed that all students have good Intelligence quotient level but it does not mean that every student can do better in every field. Every student has a unique quality. We are working to let them know their unique qualities and make every effort to improve the quality for bright future,” said Muzammil.

Talking about the future plans Aamir Edresy, president of AMP said that AMP is planning to create documents including all the details that are covered in the lectures and put them on AMP website so that anybody can access them and learn from them. “We want to reach out more number of students. Such documents on the internet can play a vital role in shaping students careers and minds for better tomorrow faster,” said Aamir.


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